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An online web presence should be easy. I offer easy packages with transparent wholesale prices to make things even easier.

From domain registration and hosting to emails and SSL certificates, I will take care of it all so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Why trust Nathan with your domains?

Nathan has an extensive background in both frontend and backend development and uses his services including his hosting servers and domain registry for his own online presence. If he can trust his online presence with his services, so can you.

Nathan Cummins

Nathan Cummins

Composer, Conductor, and Developer

Dr Nathan Cummins is an award-winning composer, orchestrator, conductor, and performer, based in Adelaide, South Australia. He specialises in crafted orchestration for video games, film, and television with a focus on live and vibrant textures across multiple genres and mediums.

Nathan is an active member of the Adelaide music scene and is amongst Australia’s leading directors, arrangers, and organisers for concerts involving music related to video games. His research interests include accessible forms of music performance using virtual reality technologies and he was awarded his Doctor of Philosophy in Sonic Arts and Music Composition from the Elder Conservatorium of Music in 2021.

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